Mercedes Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Mercedes Pre-Purchase Inspection in Las Vegas, NV

Proper Mercedes Pre-Purchase Inspections Done Here

When it comes to buying a Mercedes, sometimes you are led by your heart more than your brain. You see a shiny 300SL you like at a distance, and you instinctively want it. It doesn't matter that you've never driven it, looked at its interior, or even checked a Carfax. This Mercedes needs to be yours. Unfortunately, this is where the problems begin. Buying a car sight-unseen means you may have any mechanical issue or safety issue. Once the signature is on the dotted line, you're stuck with the vehicle as-is.

At G&G Autohaus in Las Vegas, NV, we've seen firsthand what happens when a vehicle is not inspected before purchase. That's why we strongly suggest you get a pre-purchase inspection or PPI if you're looking at a used Mercedes. During a PPI, an ASE-Certified technician assesses the total condition of your vehicle. We'll dive into what is included with the inspection and how the results can alter your buying preference.

Process Of The PPI

Many times, a PPI is done when the vehicle is not under warranty or the vehicle is in another location. It's also important that the seller gives you all relevant documentation concerning their vehicle. Depending on the Mercedes model you're looking for, having that information in hand will provide you with a good idea of what's needed going forward. When all parties have agreed on a Pre-Purchase Inspection, the vehicle should be taken to an authorized specialist, like G&G Autohaus, who performs them regularly.

While there is no accepted standard for the Pre-Purchase Inspection, it's vital that you get as thorough an inspection as possible. A good inspection will cover everything from the lights and gauges to the suspension. On the exterior front, we check all body panels and trim for dents, damage, wear, and aging. Then we lift the vehicle in the air to inspect oil and fluids. We run a full check of suspension components, brakes, transmission, and tires for signs of wear. If we see any leaks or signs of corrosion, our technician will make a note of it. Furthermore, if our tech finds a botched repair, we will note what needs to be done to correct it. The technician will do a long test drive to put the vehicle's stress components through their paces to complete the PPI. This will uncover any lingering mechanical issues that a buyer won't see when they're looking at the vehicle.

Alter Preference After Results

The line between a quality pre-own Mercedes and a lemon is a fine one. Once a PPI is completed, the buyer can make a conscious decision on whether to go forward and buy it. If the inspection reveals several problems, you may not want to incur the repair cost as the new owner. If, however, you do want to handle the repairs after purchase, you can negotiate with the seller on a suitable price reduction. A seller may not know all that is wrong with their vehicle, so keep that in mind during the negotiation. If the car and price are not to your liking, you can simply walk away. There are plenty of pre-owned Mercedes on the market today to seek out!

If you have any questions about Pre-Purchase Inspections, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (702) 364-2369. Our state-of-the-art facility is located at 325 S. Decatur Boulevard. The staff at G&G can't wait to chat with you soon!